Thursday, May 5, 2011


Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, this is one virtue that I didn't possess for a long time {and quite frankly I still struggle with on occasion}. Being a parent I now understand that patience is a virtue and that you MUST possess it in order to stay sane, and to keep your children sane as well. When Bean was born, I couldn't wait for her to start crawling. That day came and went. Then I couldn't wait for her to start walking. That day came, along with her first tooth and her first word - all coinciding on her first birthday. My mom always reminds me to cherish every minute because children will grow up fast; and it's the truth. One minute you are looking at your newborn, you blink, and then a two year old is standing by your side.

It was a sad revelation, realizing that all of those moments were gone – that I'll never get them back with Bean. “I'll cherish and really embrace her next big milestone”, I remember thinking. Since then, I have enjoyed watching her learn how to ride a scooter and tricycle, throw and catch balls from a distance, put puzzles together like a wiz, and draw various geometric shapes impeccably. “What could be next?”, I wondered as I was preparing lunch four days ago. Ladybug was finally asleep in her swing when I noticed that Bean had grown suspiciously silent. “What are you doing!?”, I whispered. No response. I dropped the knife on the counter and ran to the sounds coming from the bathroom. As I reached the hall I immediately noticed that she had taken and thrown her diaper off, leaving its contents on the wall and floor. I entered the bathroom and she was there, sitting on the potty. “I did it! I climbed on the potty like a big girl!”, she said with such enthusiasm. After reminding her to tell me before going in her diaper, she agreed to give it another try later. For the remaining seven hours we had attempted to use the potty 14 times. All unsuccessful. We ran, hopped, screamed, scrambled, slipped, and jumped trying to make it in time. Bean thought it was the BEST part of her day. I on the other hand had realized that we had reached the next “milestone”. The next few days were exhausting and I honestly didn't think she was ready. “Keep going”, “stay patient”, “be a role model for her”, “don't get upset”, “BE PATIENT”, “if I have to clean poop up one more time, I'm going to...” were all thoughts that ran through my mind multiple times a day.....UNTIL today.

It was as if the birds woke her with a sweet inspirational song. “I'm ready!”, she screamed as she came charging in at 6am. It was like she had ants in her pants...running while partially stumbling trying to make it in time. My heart was racing from the live alarm clock as I quickly grabbed my glasses from the nightstand. There she was. Sitting on her little potty, right thumb up in the air, and a smile on her face.
The rest of the day was just as smooth. No accidents in the house, or in the car, at Chuck E. Cheese, or even during her nap time. It was a successful day and we celebrated by treating her to one scoop of chocolate ice cream after her dinner. “I'm so proud of you, sweetie!”, I said while kissing her on the cheek. “We did it by being patient, right?”, I asked. “Right. You have to be patient like the girl in the book. The potty book. She went when she was ready, like me.” Funny kid, I thought as she spoke. Not a moment sooner Ladybug started yelling as she let out some impressive flatulence. “She's definitely your kid”, Brett said nonchalantly. I rolled my eyes, grabbed her, and took her to the changing table. Good lord, another doozy. As I reached for the wipes Ladybug immediately reached for her diaper. “NO!”, I screamed. It was too late. The mess was already in her hand. “Calm down”, Brett said while coming to my aid. Bean quickly jumped off her seat and ran to the bathroom. “Here Addie!”, she screamed while charging full speed in our direction. She tossed the potty book up on the table hitting Ladybug in the face. “Read that.”

Patience. Oh, how I need more patience.

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