Friday, January 7, 2011


With the various colds going around right now, it was of no surprise that my 4 month old contracted one of the strains. For a little over two weeks she has had an abundant supply of mucous build up that has provided sleepless nights and fussiness {which is not good for anyone involved}. We tried the common bulb syringe but it failed miserably. A steamed bathroom works, but once we're back in her room the symptoms return. A humidifier is also good to help clear the nasal passage but our pediatrician in past recommended against long term use due to possible mold build up regardless of how often it is cleaned.
I happened to be on YouTube one evening and stumbled upon a video of a woman using the Nosefrida The SnotsuckerI was immediately appalled. The idea of sucking snot out of my child's nose was so repulsive that I almost gagged. However, as I watched I learned that there is a filter in place that protects from mucous reaching the caretaker's mouth. Also, unlike a bulb syringe, nothing ever enters the babies nose. The tube is merely a suctioning device that is placed at the nostril opening so the lining of the babies nose is never compromised. Lastly, it's super easy to clean. After watching the video I was sold. I ordered it online through Amazon and received it in 2 days. I admit, I am a little squeamish so it was difficult for me to even try this, but I did and it works like a charm.  If you want to avoid sucking on a tube there are battery powered aspirators out there as well, but they cost a little more out of pocket.
Happy Sucking! :)

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