Saturday, March 5, 2011

Inspire Your Van Gogh

Bored? Need a fun activity to help get you all through the day? Try painting outdoors!

Activity: Art/Following Directions/Colors

Age: 1 year+

Materials: small-medium painting canvas {Hobby Lobby has buy one get one free specials - got 2 for $8!!!}, non-toxic paints, various sized paint brushes, small cup of water, paper towels

Inspire your little "Van Gogh" with this painting activity. Place the different colored paints in a row, as well as the different sized brushes. Identify each color and brush size to your toddler then ask them to repeat.
Have them start with the small brush and a specific color and draw a line. Then have them clean the brush in the water, then move on to another color that you select. After going through each color you can start showing them what happens when you mix colors {yellow + blue = green; red + blue = purple; red + white = pink, etc.}
After this activity you will not only have a happy toddler, you will have a new piece of art to hang on your wall that you will cherish forever. ♥

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