Friday, April 22, 2011

My Kid

"Wow, those girls are beautiful", the woman said to me as I struggled to push the double stroller down the store aisle. I kindly thanked the woman for the compliment as the Ladybug and Bean looked up at her staring back at their faces. "Are you a live in or do you have any openings? My daughter is looking for a nanny", the lady questioned me as if I were in an interview. My jaw dropped and my face must have turned demonic as the woman's eyes widened with fright then quickly scurried away as if to understand that she had made a terrible mistake. "What happened!?", Bean asked worriedly.
This is the thing. If I hadn't birthed my girls I would swear that they weren't mine. Bean has all of my husband's features; from the color of her hair, the shape of her nose, the twist of her smile, and no meat on her bones. Ladybug has my body shape {short and stalky}, but again has my husband's light hair color, blue eyes, and all of his facial features. I guess in hindsight I shouldn't have been angry at the situation but it has always bothered me that neither one of my girls resemble me AT ALL.

Today was probably one of the warmest days we have had all year. It was 86 degrees by 9am, and Bean was eager to play outside. "Pleaaaaase, mama!? Ohh come on. It's a beautiful day!", she begged as I could feel the humidity seeping from under the door. I reluctantly gave in. As I opened the door she quickly pushed me aside and ran out into the driveway, as if it were her first day of freedom. Shortly after, our neighbors joined in the morning festivities and we were all watching our kids play in the cul-du-sac. One of the young boys suggested that all the kids should race and I could be the judge. "Oh ya, this should be fun", I thought as I looked at Bean's excited face knowing damn well that she would be in last place. As I started to line the kids up, Bean feverishly told me to wait as she kicked off her shoes and socks, then neatly placed them in the grass behind her. "I'M READY!", she yelled while stepping back in line with her comrades. I rolled my eyes realizing that I used to do the exact same thing as a kid, then quickly yelled "GO". She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her but laughed the entire way. As she made her way back, one of the older kids yelled "fifth place" as she finished the course. She looked up at me with the biggest smile and said, "AGAIN!" with determination.
After numerous races, the kids finally agreed to sit down for potluck lunch. PB&J's, salami sandwiches, grilled chicken, edamame, Pirates Booty, carrots, boiled eggs, turkey sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, water, milk, and apple juice. As we placed all of the food on a picnic blanket I secretly grabbed one cookie as the kids jumped on the rest of the food like little ants...... everyone but Bean. She carefully anticipated the moves of each kid, ready to pounce like a lion if anyone neared the cookies. A sigh of relief overcame her as they remained untouched. She started to mumble to herself as if pretending to converse with the other children as she slyly grabbed one while peering out of her left eye in my direction. Before I could even say her name the entire cookie was in her mouth - chocolate smeared on her cheeks and hands due to the warm weather. "ETTA!", I yelled in shock. She looked up at me, lifted up her chocolate covered hands, and smiled revealing a mouth full of chocolate covered teeth. "Cookies!", she exclaimed.

Ha, I realized to myself. She is definitely my kid. If only that lady could see us now.

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